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  • The Film Industry in Mauritius

    Ever since its creation, the film industry, dubbed the “Seventh Art”, has been an accessible form of escapism and enjoyment for its audiences.  In recent years, the advent of new technologies and online media-sharing platforms has morphed films and other audiovisuals products into a ubiquitous art that transcends almost all social and cultural barriers.

    Mauritius is no different. The past years have witnessed a mounting interest in film and television content while, at the same time, the island nation has caught the eyes of many filmmakers.  Its lush scenery, golden sandy beaches, unique landscape comprising of modern architecture interspersed with the remnants of past colonial occupation and its rich multicultural heritage have largely contributed towards making Mauritius an attractive destination for filmmaking.

    In 2013, the Government of Mauritius introduced the Film Rebate Scheme which entitles film and television production companies incorporated in Mauritius to benefit from a cash rebate of up to 40% on the Qualified Production Expenditures (QPEs) incurred locally.