The Film industry, although nascent, has been earmarked as a sector brimming with potential by the Government and the focus is now geared towards the elaboration of a comprehensive ecosystem for filmmakers as well as the other stakeholders of the industry.  

Moreover, prior to kick-starting their filming ventures, film production companies whose rebates have been approved by the Board of Investment may apply for a bridging loan facility from banks and other financial institutions at very competitive interest rates and terms.  This will help producers in overcoming any cash-flow woes throughout the project.

In addition, filmmakers are able to raise finance in Mauritius through local banks and other financial institutions as well as through international fundraising platforms as the island is widely recognised as an attractive investment destination by many investors.

The absence of exchange control in Mauritius makes the repatriation of funds, profits, dividends, capital gains and any other income lawfully earned by foreign investors on the island, a hassle-free and straightforward process.